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Chanan Reichman


Prior to his current position as CEO of Navitas Petroleum, Chanan held the position of Head of Business Development of the Israeli Delek Oil and Gas companies.

In this capacity Chanan led and managed many aspects of the group’s operational and corporate aspects, including: 
M&A offshore Israel, Africa and Asia; Recruitment and management of G&G teams; technical committee representative. Chanan also managed Delek Energy’s 25% position in the Vietnam Block 12 project as member of the OC/TC through successful exploration and sanctioning of the Chim Sao development project.

Prior to this position Chanan was an M&A lawyer with one of Israel’s top firms, following an internship with the Deputy Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court.

Chanan is a graduate of AMIRIM – Interdisciplinary Honors Program in the Humanities, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.